Lunawood® is a durable option for use in facade construction. Our product range includes traditional, planed exterior cladding panels and decorative moulding profiles. The stability of Lunawood products with regard to shape and dimensions are a significant advantage with regard to the wood’s service life and maintenance needs.

Traditional, untreated wood changes with moisture and heat. This problem does not apply to thermally modified wood. The effects of moisture on the wood and warping are clearly reduced. As a result, surface paint remains intact and there is no nasty resin seepage, which can break the surface of the paint. The intervals between reapplications of paint is significantly lengthened, and the service life of exterior walls is increased dramatically.

ThermoWood® can withstand not only hot and cold, but also moist and dry conditions. Lunawood has been successfully used in various climate conditions around the world for years.


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